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Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by The Mole, Aug 31, 2004.

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    North Delta BC
    Just want to introduce myself to you all.

    I'm from Saskatchewan but have lived on BC's Lower Mainland for 17 years and have gradually become stark raving mad about gardening. It's genetic as both of my grandmothers were enthusiastic gardeners as well, and I am Ukrainian so think waving fields of wheat... All of my many relatives are farmers.

    I used to call the UBC hortline before the internet made info so conveniently available. I look forward to learning many things, and to getting help as required.

    BTW, my nickname was bestowed by my husband and our 11 yr old daughter... I get teased a lot about the time I spend "gardening". It's my favourite thing to do next to playing with clay and paint.

    I could go on and on, but I'd better say -
    Ta ta for now!
  2. Chris Klapwijk

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    Black Ceek, B.C., Canada
    Welcome aboard, Mole.

    When I visited a Ukrainian family in Saskatchewan a few years ago, I was surprised by the size of their Cannabis ruderalis (hemp) patch and the various things they used these plants for, pressing the seeds for oil for example. Do any of your relatives still do this and if so, what else do they use this plant material for?
  3. Eric La Fountaine

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    sw USA
    Welcome to the forums Mole. With the nickname Mole, I take it you love digging in the dirt and all things to do with gardening. We share your enthusiasm.

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