Henson Rust on Holly bush

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Sayain46, May 2, 2006.

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    Im new here but I work at a community college in Springfield Missouri. I am a part time OTC groundskeeper and hope someone could help me. Some or a lot of the holly bushes on the campus has a fungus, which me and another think its Henson Rust. But I dont know if we r correct. The couple of leaves I pulled from the bush have a orange coloration on the leaves. Its not on everything thu. It appears on different spots here and there but not everywhere. Some of the leaves r yellowing as well where the, we think is rust, is falling off and it is spreading to the other leaves. When I tried to look it up I got nothing. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Plz just either email me @ Sayain462000@yahoo.com or just post it here...

    Carrie Woods

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