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    Does anyone here have knowledge of the woolly hemlock adelgid and how it's killing hemlock trees?

    If so, does anyone know a way to treat it, or if the same aphid can kill Fraser firs?

    Most of the Hemlocks in my area now have this pest and are slowly dying. It's spreading north and will most likely move into Canada too. Apparently it has all but destroyed hemlock forests along the Eastern part of the US. I've noticed most of the Hemlock grove behind my property is suffering severe needle loss and will most likely die.

    I've noticed my Fraser firs also suffering from needle loss and they too seem to have this fuzzy/cottony covered pest on the underside of the needles. I've not heard of them killing firs, but I suppose it's not impossible.
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    It's a different species of Adelges on firs (Adelges piceae as opposed to Adelges tsugae), but yes, Fraser Fir can be killed by them.

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