Helwingia Japonica

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Peter Scheuer, Jun 10, 2004.

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    My name is Peter. I live at the West Coast of Sweden. I have a question about the bush Helwingia japonica. I have bin promised a shoot from this rare bush if I can tell the owner when and how propagation is best. Should I take leaf cuttings or branch cuttings, or should I do it in some other way. When is the best time to take these cuttings, before or after flowering? (I only have access to one plant so it won’t set seed). And last, what is the optimal temperature and soil to propagate the shot in. Peat, Clay, sand etc.?
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    Hi Peter:

    I've included two URLs that provide a little information on Helwingia
    Japonica other than this one below from the UBC.


    The best way to propagate is to take hard wood cuttings, sometime
    in June, July or August depending on where the plant is currently
    being grown. You will want either a sand, sponge rock or perhaps
    sponge rock, perlite and a sand mixed medium to grow the cuttings
    in after you have dusted or dipped them into a rooting growth hormone
    to initiate root growth. You will want to take several small cuttings
    off the one shoot you will be provided with.

    I strongly suggest you do some research on plant propagation to better
    learn how you want to deal with the cuttings. Also, you will probably
    have to have a greenhouse to help you or you will need a grow light in
    an indoor set up. A mist watering system may also be essential for either
    growing indoors or in a greenhouse.

    You should be marginal where you are to grow this plant. Supposedly it
    is hardy down to -7 degrees. Too bad there isn't more information about
    the growing aspects of this plant online. I seriously doubt this plant can
    handle our heat in a Zone 8 so what there is for information online so far
    to me is rather suspect.



    Hopefully someone that knows this plant will chime in as I cannot help
    much for this particular plant.

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    Heklwingia help

    Thank you very much Jim, I need all the help I can get, and a little help is better than no help at all...
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    The basic requirement for plant propagation is a moist envirnment but not too wet.

    A small cold frame should do well to progate the cutting of this plant.

    The cutting should be taken on the growing tip down two to three notches, then clean up the leaves to only three left, then dip in rooting medium. Insert into a tray 1"X1"X2" containing 50%peat & 50% sand. Water once a day. It should root within two months.

    Try for the next two to three summers on this plant, you may have too many to handle and you will learn the tricks of cutting.

    Good luck

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