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    If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong please help!!!!!
    My roses are looking wimpy, my perfect moment is a pinkis red instead of bright orange with very few petals, and my moonstone the flower is small not big and lush. All of my roses are doing the same thing. I water them good and they get plenty of sunshine. The first blooms were just perfect this year, but the second time around they are wimpy and just not like they should be. The only thing I have done different this year is fer. The first time this year I used alfala pelets and this last time I used lilly miller rose and flower food with natural ingred. (5-8-4) Did I fer. too soon? do the alfala pelets last longer? I fer. the roses the second time after my first blooming time was over was that too soon? Can you over fer. and make your roses weak? Last year I just used some cheap fer. and they seemed ok.....Help!! what is wrong here can anyone tell me? ( Sunnyvale ca. bay area)

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