Help with sick Yucca plant!

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    I’ve had my plant for almost a year now and I’ve been taking good care of her, however I recently left her under the supervision of my roommate for about two months and I immediately noticed she was sick when I returned home. There was mold in the soil and one of the two branches had completely dead foliage, which I removed when I repotted her today. However I noticed that the main branch still had a lot of mold spots so I decided to chop off a piece leaving the inside of the branch uncovered. What I found is in the picture attached.
    It seems the entire inside is moldy and contaminated. I don’t know what I am supposed to do now, it gives off a bad odor as well. Should I completely remove the branch? Or Is there any way I can treat her?

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    Keep cutting away the top portion of the rotten stem until you reach healthy wood, then sterilize your tool before making a final cut.

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