Help with Pygmy date Palm seedlings

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by lemonblueberry, May 13, 2009.

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    Okay so I finally got some pygmy date palm seeds to sprout. When the outside of the seeds were dark in color I peeled all of the outside off. Than I had little brown hard seeds. I tried different methods to get them to sprout. Soaking in water didn't work. I planted some in soil with a shade cloth over it, didn't work. But, what did work is: I placed some soil in a rubbermaid container and planted the seeds in there. I covered with a paper towel and dampened it and than put the lid on. Occasionally I opened it and if needed I dampened the towel. Well it's been a few months now and I see sprouts coming up. They are white and a few of them have a tiny bit of green on them. I am unsure when I should transplant them into pots. I don't know how long they can stay in the container there is not much room for growth. So, when can I move them & how should I care for them. Attached are photos of my sprouts. Thank you.

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