Help with Bleeding Heart Glorybower Vine

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by nubin68, Jun 16, 2004.

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    I've just purchased this plant and live in zone 7 - am unable to find much info about this plant. I would like to know if I can plant it in the ground & then mulch it in the winter, do I need to cut back in winter or would I do better to plant in a pot & bring into the house in winer? Any and all information or links to sites that may help would be greatly appreciated. This plant is clerodendrum thomsoniae.
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    Hi Nubin68:

    You do have a few growing issues to deal with. For this
    plant to be grown in a Zone 22-28 tells me two things.
    One, your plant cannot handle much for cold and your
    plant cannot handle real intense heat either.

    As you can see from one of the URLs below the growth
    indoors in Holland is not much per year. Some people
    even in a Zone 9 can grow this plant, not well though,
    outdoors but in partial shade with a heavy mulch for the
    Winter. I think you can get by with the heat issue much
    better than the cold issue.

    What many people do is grow this plant in a tub so it can
    be moved outside when the temps are warm enough then
    bring this plant indoors when the temps start to drop in the
    early to late Fall. Some people in Florida can get lucky
    growing this plant under certain trees to prevent leaf scorch
    but for you the cold will be your biggest issue. If it was me
    I would not permanently plant this shrubby vine outdoors. I
    would leave it in a large container and move the plant inside
    when necessary. I think you would prune this plant to shape
    it after it has flowered, sometime right after August-October.
    For this plant you will have to apply lots of water and mist it
    or give the leaves a good shower almost daily outdoors. You
    will also want to have a fast draining, rich soil, possibly a nursery
    grade potting soil with ample sand in the mix. Other than all of
    that you can grow this plant. I've seen it done pretty much indoors
    in a Zone 3 and grown in a indoors and outdoors situation in a
    Zone 7.

    Below are two URLs to look at.

    Good luck,


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