Hedges: Help!- What is wrong with these hedges?

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    Hello Everybody,

    First time poster and to begin with, thanks in advance for your help. Relatively new to lawn and plant care, although I participated in my parents’ horticulture hobby growing up. Which means I remember very little now.

    I have a few hedges along the front driveway of our home North Delta that I am trying to diagnose and treat. They are located in the front yard, mature (don’t know the age), and are losing green needles (or more accurately, are missing green needles) . We just moved in, so I don’t know how they were cared for over the years. The rest of the garden and grass is in immaculate shape, but the hedges to the side of the driveway are suffering. I have included pictures, below (at least i think I have).

    From other threads and , I understand these hedges could look this way due to cutbacks or over-fertilization. So far, I have provided no care or interventions.

    Which leads me to why I am seeking help. Can someone with a lot more experience offer some opinions as to why the hedges look this way? Also, is there anything I can do to recover their former glory?

    Again, thanks in advance.

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