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Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by 1953, Apr 8, 2008.

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    We have an isolated area between our nature pond and the fence. Due to its location and my health this peninsula is very difficult to maintain so during the reconstruction of our pond we overlayed the area with the ponds fiber pad and rubber liner. Our plan is to cover this liner with Dupont rubber mulch (looks exactly like the real thing) then place assorted potted tropical plants about. A mature trumpet vine is growing on the fence and will cascade down behind the tropical foliage.

    ( Note: We initially placed hardwood mulch over the liner but the tannin from the mulch leached into the pond turning the water dark brown.)

    Here are my questions: Should we poke holes in the liner and pad to allow water to seep into the soil? Do you have any suggestions or comments about our situation with this isolated

    I have attached two photos of the area for your reference. The tubing you see in the picture is there only during construction and several of the stones will be replaced.


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    I don't think you want to do anything to make the pond leak. I do think you will definitely want to obscure the fence and dropoff with shrubbery, so that the pond looks natural (authentic) and does not compete for attention with the fence.
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    I'm with Ron; don't poke any holes!

    You're in a hot enough zone to grow any number of tropicals, but if you're worried about watering them enough (due to their location) you might want to consider looking and drought-hardy cultivars. Something like a Guava tree, for example, looks tropical and will do really well in a large pot, and requires very little watering. Same goes for Loquats.

    If you're more concerned about hiding the fence quickly, you can look at the Aroids, like Xanthosoma or Alocasia or Anthurium; maybe even Monstera, which you can train to climb along the fence. All of these can be found in the wild near the edge of water....

    Best of luck!

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