HELP ! Monkey tree is tall, scrawny, droopy!

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  1. We just purchased a house in Pitt Meadows, BC and have been pruning and doing much-needed yard work. We have a rather tall (over 25') monkey tree which has been overshadowed by 2 evergreens and a diseased Maple (which has been removed) .. the monkey tree is located about 2 feet away from a large, established evergreen ... I don't know anything about monkey trees, except that they are usually much more robust than ours, and their 'tails' spread out gracefully and thick. I think it's suffering terribly, it looks so frail and skinny. Is there anything we can do to revive it? Can it be extracted and cared for properly by a nursery? It will not get much light where it is (it never has, obviously) but I did hear they are endangered and I am not a fan of needlessly killing living things.
    Please email me at if you have any advice! Thank you!
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    Wait awhile. As time goes by you may learn what all the trees are, decide that one or two more - perhaps including the monkey puzzle - are not desired and can be removed, thus making more room for the rest.

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