Help me with my banana plant - musa basjoo

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Menja, Aug 7, 2021.

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    I have had my banana plant since march 2021 (I live in Germany) and it has been having trouble ever since - first I had a lot of browning around the leaves (picture 1) that only seemed to increase and last week I cut the brown spots off, being careful to not hurt the healthy leaves. Not it looks like this; (picture 2). I have tried multiple things, pesticides, giving it more sun, giving it less sun, more water, less water etc. Most recently I have repotted it with a mix of fresh soil and sand I had disinfected with boiling water, since I have read the banana plant enjoys sandy earth, I mixed it around 35% sand to 65% fresh soil. I would hate to see it die, does anyone have any recommendations?


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    Don't you know, that too much love will kill you (or your plant)?
    Just my suggestion for next banana puppy - plant it into larger container (at least 5 times, even better if 10 times bigger than now) and let it grow.
    Bananas like plenty of warmth and sun, so don't ever place it into darkness. Use grow lights indoors. Keep temperatures above 25ยบ C.
    Container should have drainage hole(s) in the bottom, potting mix should be well draining.
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    Mine got to about 4' tall and then just decided to rot and die. But not before it produced several offshoots that I rooted. I finally cut it off about 4' above soil line and it kept producing offshoots. The main stem, what's left of it showed signs of producing more offshoots, so I'm letting one grow to see if it will take over.

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