Identification: Help ID'ing cultivar please

Discussion in 'Maples' started by maplesandpaws, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Picked up this little guy from Lowes today - was tagged as an 'Atrolineare' which it very obviously is not. Decently thick trunk and nice graft for a box store maple, and overall nice form to it. Nursery manager had no others like it, no idea which cultivar it was and said I could have it for $10. Sold! Now to find out what it really is.

    I'm leaning towards 'Butterfly' as, I think, this is the most common small-leaved, variegated cultivar out there that stores like Lowes, etc, would carry. Leaves are anywhere from 3/4"-2" max in length and width and are a nice green, maybe a slightly bluish undertone, with a nice cream, no pink that I can see.

    Any thoughts on what this might be, or confirmation of my hunch, would be greatly appreciated. I can take more pictures if need be.

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    Looks like butterfly to me. Can watch it spring to fall and note color changes to help ID it but tough when they lose their labels. Also look up 'Kagiri nishiki' and 'Okukuji nishiki' for similiar cultivars but less common in cultivation in my area than 'Butterfly'.

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    Butterfly over here would tend to be slightly more 'bluey grey' in colour. However, if Butterfly is a common plant in your area that is normally a good pointer :)

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