Help! Dying monkey tree??

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  1. Hello monkey tree specialists!

    My mom just bought my dad a wonderful little 5 foot monkey tree for his 50th birthday, and had it planted by the people at the nursery where she found it. It's been there for about a week and a half, and many of the needles/leaves are now turning brown. Every little spike on the tree, even the ones on the trunk, are discolouring. It's only been watered once, so we don't think it's overwatered. We want to know if it's on it's way out, or misplanted ... it's a surprise for my dad and he's coming out in 2 weeks, so we'll have to remove it before he comes if in fact it's dying. Please help us with this monkey puzzle tree puzzle! And on a last note, if anyone knows where we can find a monkey tree taller than one foot, please let me know!!

    Thank you very much,
    Hope Walker
  2. Well Give This a Try

    Not sure if its true but a wise old woman once told me that if you plant the opposite sex tree within a two mile radius that the trees will thrive....Welp again not poitive but give it a try...GL and have fun...
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    Dead monkey tree

    Ask the nursery to replace it under warranty. Most reputable nurseries will provide a one-year replacement guarantee. The only exception would be if it were winter killed, destroyed by an act of god, or by your gross negligence (e.g. running it over with your car!).

    Good luck.

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