HELP! 10 feet + ponytail dying?

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    Our ponytail is having difficulties. Leaftops falling of branches, brown leaves and dying branches.

    This tree is about 25 years old and situated on Aruba. So climate is perfect. I water it once a week for 4 years now, but we have had some very dry weather (no rain for 3 months).

    I googled a lot, but most causes given for what is happening to my tree is that it has had too much water. I can not believe that, but also can not rule it out. Soil seems dry, nu fungal smell.

    The foot , stem, seems a little discolored, somewhat lighter. Dont know if this is a sign of anything.

    I am desperate as I want to safe this beautiful tree! Please help!!!



    b1e6baae-9c10-4084-8682-ea8bff5f2f2a.jpg fa07681e-666d-4a9f-93e4-34995ce8b7a9.jpg 7c755ef5-7a38-447e-a217-02f78ab4dfcf.jpg 1701cf6d-d7fb-469e-a7f4-ddf38dd62442.jpg df66ea9a-488e-4dee-a0d0-7b3632ba6509.jpg 80bcb7d8-ea53-43b4-bf31-6453dc329cc7.jpg

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