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    I would like to introduce some new Acer serrulatum varieties that discovered by couple maple enthusiasts from Taiwan who are shy to present these interesting plants to the world.
    A. serrultum, also called A.oliverianum ssp. formosanum(Taiwan-yamamomiji), is an native that inhabitants in this sub-tropical island, this plant has been commonly used in parks and gardens for their bright green summer foliages and splendor yellow, orange and red as the season progresses to fall. My intention of this thread is not only introduce them but also try to get some feedbacks from folks in this forum and move on to next step, which is to properly register them and maybe figure out a way to share them to other maple enthusiasts who live in warmer areas, they can be good alternatives for people who interested in palmatum but restricted by climate.

    The attached photos are:
    1. Variegation A
    2. Variegation B
    3. 7 lobes
    4. Narrow lobes

    All these four plants are selected from thousand of thousands young seedlings. They have been monitored for about 4 to 5 years so far, new grafts had been successful done from scions took from them and those new graft plants do illustrate their unique characteristics.

    From your experience and knowledge, do you think if they are worth to be registered as new cultivars? If so, is 4 to 5 year monitoring long enough? Is there anything we should be concerned or know about?

    I recognize some folks like Alex and Gomero have A. ×oliverianum ‘Nakahara beni' that Mr. Yano found and resisted in the late 80s from some A.oliverianum ssp. Formosanum seedlings. How do you guys like her? Can she really stand warmer situation? How about the counter side, is she more vulnerable to cold comparing to typical palmatum?

    We really appreciate your time and inputs.


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    Ooooh!! Lovely, lovely trees!
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    yeah lovely !i agree with Kaitain!now i want this new cultivar in my garden!:-) the maple registrer centre is in Westonbirt arboretum,UK i not know if is one in USA , ask to NAB The Maple Society..7 andB1 my preterite.. how many plant you graft?
    compliments !!!

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