Hefty lantern at Glendale Gardens

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    Some time ago, the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific now known as Glendale Gardens (on Quayle Road just north of Victoria) received a generous donation of a very imposing lantern.

    It was so big that there was no suitable place for it inside their Japanese garden, but Bob Clark was obviously inspired when he found an excellent place for it just outside the garden. I doubt there is a name for the style, but it so much reminds me of a Sumo wrestler that I think it should be called a Sumo Lantern.

    Here's a picture of it -

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    Re: Hefty lantern at Glenfale Gardens

    According to this informative site, Japanese garden lanterns (Ishidoro) can be classified into 3 general styles: Taima-ji; Korean temple light; and creative garden style. I'd say that your sumo lantern could be an example of the second.


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