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    In my experience there are two kinds of evergreen hedges - the 'cedar' type in my front garden - the elements do not combine in any sense at all, seemingly not willing to have anything to do with each other. The other is really a cypress (I think cupressocyparis leylandii?) which forms into a solid wall - so solid you can even cut gateways in it. Behind us a newcomer is building a 'barn' - frontage is a wall of windows - 12. Now, I imagine the ideal hedge elements when young can readily combine in the desirable wall but do mature examples do this? Some 30 or more years ago there was a vacant lot at Granville and King Ed. When Crofton House Girls School was going to demolish its venerable annex, some enterprising fellow bought it and over a weekend the structure was moved the half block to the empty lot. Noe many weeks later a very tall solid hedge appeared as if by magic, concealing the new house. How was this done? Is it possible to move an entire hedge and ensure (with luck) its survival?


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