Healthy roots-a-plenty, no flower spikes?

Discussion in 'Orchidaceae (orchids)' started by Jerzam08, Sep 16, 2008.

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    I am a newbie here on UBC B.G.
    I am trying to grow moth orchids. I have had over the years a number of different types of orchids.

    General info:
    -i have been watering with tap water, that i've put into clean bottles & let stand (no more then 2 weeks) to reach room temp.
    -i have been using the Schultz 19-31-17 as directed, every 2nd watering
    -i have two 48in grow lights, ruffly 3 feet from bulbs to first leaf & my one "lonely" flower in 12" from the bulbs
    -i have had these orchids for over a yr after they finished blooming
    - this orchid is my first EVER to spike and flower, EVER

    1-1A: not seen in the pic is the very healthy root growth on the bottom of the plant, still i ask the question..why so many roots & leaf growth and no spike?
    2-2B: what can cause this, & how to treat it?
    4-4A: very healthy roots, with a root coming out where i believe a flower spike normally comes out
    - these are the fertilizers i have used, but at present, are using the Schultz

    tips/ help/ direction ...on how to get less roots and more flowers


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    Sorry I didn't see this earlier, about the biggest change I would recommend is the amount of light the plants receive. If your orchids aren't receiving any natural sunlight besides the fluorescents then the lights should be about 6 inches above the leaf surface. There is a huge drop off in light intensity as you move away from the bulbs. It would be better to gradually move the lights (or plants whichever is easier) closer over a period of a couple of weeks. I usually change my bulbs every 6-8 months as they don't produce as much light over time (I use cool white/warm white/daylight bulbs not 'plant' bulbs).
    Your plants look very healthy especially the roots. I should probably fertilize more often. A couple of other 'tricks' for inducing Phals to bloom are ensuring that there is a cooler evening temperature for at least a few weeks and the periodic use of Epsom's salts (1 tsp per gal) when watering.

    Good luck

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