Health benefits of 'forest bathing', the act of being among the trees

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    Huh. Didn't know there was a name for it. It relaxes me even more if there is a water source within the forest. Even a stinking sulphur bubbler in sand here among the palms and live oaks or a narrow brackish inlet into a mangrove swamp will amp it up. Many people here hate that I have so many trees, but it pains me to see so much lawn. Thanks, Wendy, now I have more to support my advocacy for trees and shrubs.
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    New/ Additional information:
    Forest bathing | Green Shinto
    A study of 585 Japanese people published last year said that city dwellers were “constantly exposed to stressors” and that “urban living is associated with increased risk of health problems”, including anxiety, depression and psychosis.

    It concluded: “The psychological benefits of walking through forests are very significant … Urban planners should pay more attention to maintaining and increasing accessible greenery in urban areas. The beneficial effects of nature suggest a simple, accessible and cost-effective method to improve the quality of life and health of urban residents.”
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