Hardy citrus growing outside in Vancouver

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    This is a picture of a 7 year old Yuzu tree in Vancouver BC, about 8 feet tall and bears over 200 "lemons" yearly.


    (I archived this picture along with the accompanying description from Tropic to Tropic Plants)

    Yuzu has many excellent culinary uses, though is not the best for out of hand eating.

    Rare lemon harvest in Vancouver

    Greg Neal, mechanic by profession, fruit-grower by hobby, is getting set to harvest 70 lemons from his yard in Lynn Valley.
    "A few people come by to see it and most people are quite surprised," said Neal.
    He planted a Meyer lemon tree about 10 years ago in his front yard in "a bit of a micro climate" that faces south/southeast and takes advantage of heat that comes off the house, and the tree has grown to three metres by three metres.

    "Anyone with a tree in a south-facing or west-facing yard with a wall and an overhang to give it a little extra heat can grow citrus fruit," Duncan said.
    Both he and Neal protect their trees from the winter cold and rain by covering them with a special breathable tarp that lets sun in. They add a little warmth with a string of old-fashioned Christmas lights under the tarp.

    Rare lemon harvest in Vancouver

    A post I found archived on the old Citrus Growers Forum:
    Las Palmas Norte
    Location: Lantzville, Vancouver Island
    23 January, 2014

    Been ages since I was on this forum last. Just a quick update on a few in-ground citrus I have in zone 8b Vancouver Island.
    Last big freeze was Dec 6 where temps dive bombed to 20°F / -6.7°C. Both Yuzu and Changsha where absolutely fine. 10° Tangerine had it's leaves flag, only to pick up again after that bad night.
    Hope everyones citrus is doing great. Belated Happy New Year.
    Las Palmas Norte
    27 February, 2014

    10° Tangerine picked up nicely after the leaf flag back then and has been fine since. Recent wet snow has not fazed any of these either. Mother nature is expected to deliver another blow this weekend with temps down into the low 20's / -5°C on Saturday (Mar.1).
    (reference to Ten Degree Tangerine, a yuzu x clementine hybrid)

    (also in another post Las Palmas Norte writes that they are growing under the protection of a cold frame / polytunnel )
    Location: North Vancouver, BC, Canada
    6 June, 2010

    Skeeter, Your sisters satsuma - was it a seedling or a cutting? I have heard satsumas are difficult to root (cuttings). I have tried a few different methods - all without success. We didn't get much frost this winter and NO snow ! - only a few frosty nights in December. My (in ground) satsuma, Changsha and for the first time my Juanita are in bloom now - meyer lemons have finished blooming Smile


    Gregn, citrus enthusiast. North Vancouver Canada. USDA zone 8. I grow In-ground citrus, Palms and bananas. Also have container citrus
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    Great photo! We sell lots of yuzu and other hardy citrus at Phoenix Perennials so I'm hoping our customers will be having this kind of success really soon. The owner of that yuzu tree could be selling the fruit to all the Japanese and foodie restaurants in the city! Cheers, Gary

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