Happy birthday to Douglas Justice - a 'Shirotae' bouquet

Discussion in 'Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival' started by wcutler, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Happy birthday to @Douglas Justice, for whose birthday the 'Shirotae' cherries bloom every year. And if they finish before his birthday, he doesn't age that year (he didn't actually say that last bit).

    Without Douglas's idea (along with Bill Stephen from the Vancouver Parks Board) to create the Cherry Scouts in 2007, no-one here would even know the word Shirotae, and would probably not even have recognized it as a cherry. Now we have 192 local locations of this cultivar mapped, and there are a lot of Vancouverites who can recognize these trees. There are also a lot of people who have been on Douglas's cherry walks and know that he grew up thinking his dad planted this cultivar in the front yard so Douglas would have cherry blossoms for his birthday. This year, the trees are looking perfect.

    Douglas, here's a birthday bouquet. Thanks for all you've done for us. And happy birthday.
    20170411_Adera65th_Shirotae_Cutler_P1280815-001.JPG 20170411_Adera65th_Shirotae_Cutler_P1280817-001.JPG
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    Happy Birthday Douglas!

    20170416 EasterParade Shirotae Willard_0749.jpg
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    Dear Douglas!
    Happy Birthday! This is a wonderful time of the year and your cherry Shirotae, which is blossoming just about everywhere, is in its prime time. I always remember that you father planted this type of cherry tree near your house to celebrate your birth.
    I hope that even in such a gloomy day your spirit will be like these beautiful flowers!
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