Hamamelis x intermedia 'Orange Peel'.

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    In Britain Hamamelis seem to be flowering earlier each year. This one even brightens up the shortest day!

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    "A Hemelrijk selection raised by de Belder under the number H.10640. Along with Hamamelis x intermedia 'Harry' and H. x intermedia 'Sunburst', this selection has wide petals (around 3 mm). Unlike the other two, however, the petals remain more curled and consequently look less impressive. The name is a good one, and it performs well in the nursery so is likely to become popular. This cultivar was introduced by Bevers en Zn. BV, Wernhout, Holland, and it received one star in the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society trial in 2002. Tim Brotzman notes that the young shoots have an attractive rusty color, not quite an indumentum, but distinctive. He also commented on the attractive foliage, both in summer and autumn"

    -- Chris Lane, RHS Plant Collector Guide - Witch Hazels (2005, Timber Press, Portland/Cambridge)

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