Hairy Manzanita on the SW BC Mainland

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    I just read the December 2023 article by @Douglas Justice on the UBC website, where I found this statement: "To be accurate, hairy manzanita is only native to steep, rocky, south-facing slopes on southern Vancouver Island, the southern Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast (and south to California), and not to anywhere near Vancouver." I don't think that this is an accurate statement, because I've seen Hairy Manzanita in several locations along Howe Sound and the western parts of the North Shore Mountains. And E-Flora BC shows many locations on the SW mainland.

    The nearest location to Vancouver that I'm aware of is in West Vancouver right next to the trail that branches off the start of the Whyte Lake Trail at the west side of the old abandoned bridge and goes up to the helipad at the top of the ridge. The Manzanita bushes can be found about halfway up, where the trail goes under the power line going to the top of the ridge.

    I think that there are many other Manzanita occurences in rocky, exposed south or west facing bluffy areas of the North Shore Mountains and Howe Sound; although I can't say that it is common in this area.
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