guerrilla gardening in Pennsylvania

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    Hello my green friends:

    I am a guerrilla gardener mainly in my small town in Pennsylvania, I can not find buddies in my area to do some guerrilla gardening, for now, I am working on planters in my city big planters installed by the City about 4 years ago and abandoned them soon after, I don't know why but I started working on them one by one and now they are getting into shape. Some of my plants are thriving, others are too new, and I lost one hosta plant, recently somebody pulled and threw it to the floor, when I found it was too dehydrated, and died. But doing Guerrilla Gardening you loose some all the time. Now Fall is coming and want suggestions on bulbs. Daffodils are my favorite but I loose a lot of flower children love to pick up the flowers which I don't really mind but I want more diversity, I am opened for suggestions. Thanks a million. Frank.

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