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Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by bqmother, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Re: Kiwi plant from seeds??

    I live in a fifth floor apartment with a northern exposure that gets plenty of daylight, but almost no direct sunlight. I have had little success with plants outside on my balcony (walled in on both east and west sides!), but would like to grow vegetables and flowers. Is there any way to do this?

    Also, I have persuaded an avocado seed to sprout roots and a stem with a few leaf buds. I would like to keep it as a houseplant, but the light situation inside is worse inside than outside, with no direct sun at all.

    I do know about gro-lights, but only have 2 small ones.

    Any ideas?

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    i suggest looking up some shaed loving perennials and annulas that will survive in your zone. you can keep them in pots outside on your deck as far as veggies go your kinda out of luck, not much is going to grow without some sun.

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