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    I am doing some research for a school project and I was hoping I could get some feedback from those of you who have grown plants in your home for edible or medicinal purposes. Once I have surveyed a bunch of people I will post the statistics from the questions I've collected here for all to see.

    Please take my quick 10 question survey (you don't have to register anything) and I'll post up the results soon. Thank you::
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    St. Catharines, Ontario Canada
    Done :)
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    Survey Results! Thanks to everyone who took my survey. Here are the results:

    Survey Questions (with responses from 43 participants):
    1. Please rank how knowledgeable you are in basic gardening techniques?
    a. 1 not knowledgeable – 5 very knowledgeable
    1. 0
    2. 4
    3. 14
    4. 13
    5. 12

    2. What types of edible/medicinal plants have you grown indoors?
    a. ______________________
    1.cilantro basil Fri, 3/13/09 1:09 PM 2.Tomatoes, Bell peppers, basil, thyme, rosemary, aloe vera. Thu, 3/12/09 8:45 PM 3.started from seed: basil, parsley, lavender, rosemary Thu, 3/12/09 7:32 AM 4.Aloe,Citrus,Olive,Rosemary,Parsley,Taro, Laurel, herbs, Vanilla Wed, 3/11/09 3:08 PM 5.sage,oregano,rosemary,chives,tarragon,basil Mon, 3/9/09 1:33 PM 6.thyme,aloe Sun, 3/8/09 2:36 PM 7.Basil, chili pepper Fri, 3/6/09 7:13 PM 8.mostly aloes and herbs, and a few coffee bean trees Fri, 3/6/09 7:03 PM 9.cilantro, basil, dill, oregano, rosemary, sage Thu, 3/5/09 5:19 PM, rosemary, lemon verbena, strawberry, winter squash (seed starts only) Thu, 3/5/09 3:20 PM 11.herbs Thu, 3/5/09 1:46 PM 12.sprouted or germinated for a life outdoors - garlic, shallot, chives, large and small leaf basils, mint, taro, ginger, potato, common sage, aloe, nasturtium. over-wintered: Rosemary, Immortelle (curry plant, helichrysum i) white sage (artemesia) pineapple sage. Thu, 3/5/09 11:39 AM 13.aloe, vegetable seedlings, herb seedlings Wed, 3/4/09 9:13 PM 14.herbs, tomatoes Tue, 3/3/09 9:31 PM 15.catnip and special spices Tue, 3/3/09 9:12 PM 16.herbs Tue, 3/3/09 6:37 PM 17.herbs, lettuces Tue, 3/3/09 3:26 PM 18.herbs, lettuce, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Tue, 3/3/09 2:57 PM 19.Full range of herbs, dozens of garden veggies Tue, 3/3/09 2:15 PM 20.culinary herbs Tue, 3/3/09 2:04 PM 21.herbs, leafy greens, sprouts, cherry tomatoes Mon, 3/2/09 11:23 PM 22.Basil Mon, 3/2/09 10:26 PM 23.basil, lavender, dill, chamomile Mon, 3/2/09 7:33 PM 24.tomatoes, onions, peppers, echinacea, eggplant, parsley, rosemary, thyme Mon, 3/2/09 5:19 PM 25.brugmansia, pineapple sage, tomatoes, pennyroyal, annuals and perennials, vegetables. Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 PM 26.tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, watermelon, cucumber. Mon, 3/2/09 4:01 PM 27.Over 50 varieties of cooking herbs; 20 types of basil, 6 sage, thymes, tarragon, dill, and many, many more Mon, 3/2/09 2:54 PM 28.lots of vegetables, and a ton of herbs (for medicinal, culinary, and curiosity reasons). Mon, 3/2/09 1:35 PM 29.vegetables mainly but some herbs also Mon, 3/2/09 12:33 PM 30.tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cabbage, cukes, and squash,. Mon, 3/2/09 12:28 PM 31.Almost all of the herbs (parsely, basil, thyme, oregano, borage, tarragon, cilantro, tarragon, rosemary, and the list goes on for about 100 species), many spices, including curry leaf and cassia, and a number of medicinals including comfrey, echinacea, goldenseal, arnica, and calendula. Mon, 3/2/09 11:55 AM 32.Basil & Rosemary Herbs Mon, 3/2/09 11:33 AM 33.Vegetables and Herbs (cooking) Mon, 3/2/09 9:35 AM 34.herbs, aloe Mon, 3/2/09 8:39 AM 35.Aloe vera for burns; tomato, pepper, herb seedlings for transplanting in Spring. Mon, 3/2/09 4:47 AM 36.lettuce, spinach, tomato, all sorts of seedlings Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 AM 37.lettuces, aloe vera,parsley, and I have started a variety of seed indoors for later growth outside. Sun, 3/1/09 11:43 PM 38.all kinds Sun, 3/1/09 11:39 PM 39.tomatos, basil, peppers, Flowers, cauliflower, all going to be transplanted out doors. Sun, 3/1/09 11:00 PM 40.herbs and veggies Sun, 3/1/09 9:19 PM 41.tomato, pepper, eggplant, various herbs Sun, 3/1/09 9:16 PM 42.Citrus, salad greens, herbs for food use/fun. Seedlings for transplant outdoors. Sun, 3/1/09 9:08 PM 43.herbs, seed starting Sun, 3/1/09 8:52 PM

    3. For what reasons have you grow edible/medicinal plants in your home? Check all that apply:
    a. Source of food/food seasoning 93%
    b. Source of medicine 23.3%
    c. Improve my home environment/ appearance 37.2%
    d. Starting seeds 76.7%
    e. Growing plants during the winter 48.8%
    f. Save money on food/medicine 58.1%
    g. I have no place to grow outdoors 4.7%
    h. Other: _________________
    1.culinary Mon, 3/9/09 1:33 PM 2.source of herbs not commonly available. superior quality of fresh herbs. Thu, 3/5/09 11:39 AM 3.propagation using cuttings. Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 PM 4.the bugs eat them outside Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 AM 5.I grow a variety of seeds indoors for later transplant outside . I do this to obtain varieties I may not find locally for purchase and to save money. Sun, 3/1/09 11:43 PM

    4. When growing plants indoors, what source of light have you used:
    a. Artificial grow lights 42.2%
    b. Natural light 53.5%
    c. I have used a hydroponic grow system with artificial light 2.3%

    5. Why did you use this type of light/system instead of the other sources?
    1.Its a hobby - it won't kill me if my plants don't grow. Artificial lights also use energy so if my plants don't grow indoors, I put the pots outdoors instead. Fri, 3/13/09 1:09 PM 2.The simplest! Let the Sun do its thing. Thu, 3/12/09 8:45 PM 3.I started my seeds early and artificial 'work shop' lights are much cheaper and cooler for the plants. Thu, 3/12/09 7:32 AM 4.I have lots of natural light, south facing exposure Wed, 3/11/09 3:08 PM 5.i have cats and dont want them to eat the i had too put them in a room close to my kitchen and it had tinted windows... Mon, 3/9/09 1:33 PM's easy Sun, 3/8/09 2:36 PM 7.Don't have any grow lights Fri, 3/6/09 7:13 PM 8.It's cheap and it works....and its best for the plants! Fri, 3/6/09 7:03 PM 9.I don't get enough natural light for the seedlings. Thu, 3/5/09 5:19 PM 10.I have a nice window with decent sun, and I'm cheap/lazy and put the plants back out on the patio when it's warm enough again anyway. Thu, 3/5/09 3:20 PM 11.the sun is free!! Thu, 3/5/09 1:46 PM 12.I supplement natural light with artificial as needed during the winter. hydroponics just aren't my thing. Thu, 3/5/09 11:39 AM 13.these lights promote even growth (as opposed to a window, the seedlings lean and can become leggy) Wed, 3/4/09 9:13 PM Tue, 3/3/09 9:31 PM 15.yield Tue, 3/3/09 9:12 PM 16.more natural Tue, 3/3/09 6:37 PM 17.I was willing to accept the results I got. I was not growing large amounts and was not depending on the results for food or seedlings for outdoors. Tue, 3/3/09 3:26 PM 18.I have used both artificial and natural light - #4 does not let you choose 2. Atificial light can augment the natural and give you better growth; No experience with hdroponics Tue, 3/3/09 2:57 PM 19.New house has ample greenhouse windows; electric light not needed (except for starting seeds and preventing legginess). Tue, 3/3/09 2:15 PM 20.nothing else convenient Tue, 3/3/09 2:04 PM 21.inexpensive fluorescent lights work without all the dollar investment Mon, 3/2/09 11:23 PM 22.its free! :) Mon, 3/2/09 10:26 PM 23.Grow lights are on a timer and the whole system is easily controlled. Mon, 3/2/09 7:33 PM 24.because it is cheap and works just as well as artificial light. I am frugal Mon, 3/2/09 5:19 PM 25.Seems more natural to me. Light with soil is how it's done outdoors. Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 PM 26.Better results than natural light from windows. Mon, 3/2/09 4:01 PM 27.Grow lights allow me to use a variety of spectrums of light. HPS produces bushier plants, MH fruits and blooms. Full color lights allow a more natural cycle like outdoors. Mon, 3/2/09 2:54 PM 28.Not a lot of natural light available in my house. I had more plants than light, so I bought some light. Mon, 3/2/09 1:35 PM 29.I'm new at gardening and don't have a system set up yet to put plants under artificial lights. Mon, 3/2/09 12:33 PM was handy Mon, 3/2/09 12:28 PM 31.I had big south-facing windows - why waste the light? Mon, 3/2/09 11:55 AM 32.I had room on my windowsill so I used that source. If I didn't have room, I would have used artificial light. Mon, 3/2/09 11:33 AM 33.Not enough windows Mon, 3/2/09 9:35 AM 34.easy to put up and take down when not needed Mon, 3/2/09 8:39 AM 35.I have 2 very large windows which are sufficient for starting seeds. Mon, 3/2/09 4:47 AM 36.i used grow lights for some as well as natural light for others - ran out of window space Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 AM 37.TO give the plants a good start and i do not have enough sunlight in my growing area. Sun, 3/1/09 11:43 PM 38.whatever have easy Sun, 3/1/09 11:39 PM 39.better results than the window, flourescent is a cheaper investment than halide for year round growing indoors Sun, 3/1/09 11:00 PM 40.I think it does better than growing beside a window. Sun, 3/1/09 9:19 PM 41.inexpensive to set up Sun, 3/1/09 9:16 PM 42.Insufficient natural light, older house with small windows. Sun, 3/1/09 9:08 PM Sun, 3/1/09 8:52 PM
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    6. Have you transferred plants inside and outside? Check all that apply
    a. No 9.3%
    b. Yes, I have transferred plants from inside to an outside garden 86%
    c. Yes, I have transferred plants from an outside garden to inside 65.1%

    7. Please describe the configuration of your indoor garden (e.g. I put potted plants on my window sill)
    a. __________________________
    1.Potted plants on a countertop in the kitchen with south and east-facing windows Fri, 3/13/09 1:09 PM 2.Potted plants near windows. Thu, 3/12/09 8:45 PM 3.i have plants under lights. Thu, 3/12/09 7:32 AM 4.Potted plants, either on stands, or placed in groups on the floor Wed, 3/11/09 3:08 PM two pots....and a small window box....look at number 5 for more info Mon, 3/9/09 1:33 PM 6.potted plants in small greenhouse Sun, 3/8/09 2:36 PM 7.potted plants on window sill Fri, 3/6/09 7:13 PM 8.Everywhere there is room. Plant stands in the living room, plants on the kitchen table, microwave stand, even one in the bathroom :) Fri, 3/6/09 7:03 PM 9.I start seeds in the seed starting systems and then transplant to small pots until ready to move outdoors. Thu, 3/5/09 5:19 PM 10.I put pots in every spare space of the floor of my kitchen and on kitchen table. Thu, 3/5/09 3:20 PM 11.most herbs are on a window sil, while others are in a well lit room Thu, 3/5/09 1:46 PM 12.bench on the 'enclosed' porch with flats for seedlings and cuttings, hanging baskets in bedroom windows (only other room with good light) have tried to over-winter larger containers without much success. Thu, 3/5/09 11:39 AM 13.I have a metal plant shelf that I try to fit all my plants on including my seedlings. Its tight. Wed, 3/4/09 9:13 PM 14.plants on the window sill Tue, 3/3/09 9:31 PM 15.window sill, basement lighting Tue, 3/3/09 9:12 PM my kitchen, in front of the window Tue, 3/3/09 6:37 PM 17.I have one long rectangular planter in one window and a few larger pots that sit in sunny spots. Tue, 3/3/09 3:26 PM 18.Potted plants on widow sill or plants on stand near window with lights. Tue, 3/3/09 2:57 PM 19.Dedicated greenhouse for food-growing mostly, plus other large windows for big houseplants. Tue, 3/3/09 2:15 PM 20.window sill in kitchen Tue, 3/3/09 2:04 PM window greenhouse and window sills in the kitchen Mon, 3/2/09 11:23 PM 22.caly potted plants in the window sill Mon, 3/2/09 10:26 PM 23.I have small pots of plants under lights. Mon, 3/2/09 7:33 PM 24.I have a sunroom dedicated to my plants, and I also have a beautiful set up in my kitchen above my sink that stays moist and warm for germinating seeds. Mon, 3/2/09 5:19 PM 25.4' fluorescent shop lights mounted to the bottom of a baker's rack. For seed starting, I use two sets of lights per rack. The rack holds 4 shelves and uses 6 lights. Some plants are in a windowsill receiving only natural sunlight. The majority is done under artificial light. Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 PM 26.I put my plants on a industrial shelving unit with 2 shop lights suspended with T-8 fluorescent tubes. Mon, 3/2/09 4:01 PM 27.4 400w Grow lights - 3 HPS, 1 MH. One shelf unit with two 4 foot florescent lights on each of four shelves. Mon, 3/2/09 2:54 PM 28.Potted plants on window sill. Hanging baskets in front of windows. Table of plants in front of south windows. Two racks of plants under artificial light. Mon, 3/2/09 1:35 PM 29.potted plants on window sill Mon, 3/2/09 12:33 PM 30.starter trays on a table top and pots Mon, 3/2/09 12:28 PM 31.I built special shelving to hold the plants in front of the windows - there wasn't enough room on the sills. After that, every available flat surface and large areas of the floor were covered in plants as well. Mon, 3/2/09 11:55 AM 32.I have potted plants on my windowsill & some under artifical lights. Depending on space available. Mon, 3/2/09 11:33 AM 33.Shelving with hanging flourescent shop lights Mon, 3/2/09 9:35 AM 34.There are plants in every room in every possible space. Light stand is put up in the dining room for starting seeds for ornamental and edibles. Mon, 3/2/09 8:39 AM 35.I use a metal bakers rack to hold rubbermaid under-the-bed storage tubs full of small pots (contains spills, and makes transfers to the porch for hardening off mush quicker and simpler). Mon, 3/2/09 4:47 AM 36.planter boxes and pots near windows, grow light rigged up in a shelf unit with planter box Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 AM 37.I use a folding table that I set several trays of plants on. I use overhead lighting and my ceiling fan to give the plants their best possible start. I do get some midday sunlight to help offset lighting Sun, 3/1/09 11:43 PM 38.all over Sun, 3/1/09 11:39 PM 39.Just house plants right now, and veggies on a shelf Sun, 3/1/09 11:00 PM 40.I do have some plants beside a window as I have run out of space on my shelves with flourescent shop lights. Sun, 3/1/09 9:19 PM 41.table with a 4' grow light, frame fashioned fro PVC Sun, 3/1/09 9:16 PM 42.Potted plants in several rooms. Two seed starting racks with grow lights in basement. Sun, 3/1/09 9:08 PM 43.plants on floor near sliding glass door Sun, 3/1/09 8:52 PM

    8. Would you ever give an edible/medicinal plant to someone as a gift?
    a. Yes, I have already 74.4%
    b. Yes , I know someone who would like that 11.6%
    c. No, I can’t see myself doing that 14%
    9. What complications have you come across growing edible/medicinal plants indoors using only natural sunlight from a window?
    a. N/A, I use grow lights/ hydroponics 11.6%
    b. Maintaining proper soil moisture 30.2%
    c. Getting enough light 60.5%
    d. Remembering to care for my plant 9.3%
    e. Pests 18.6%
    f. No complications 20.9%
    g. Other:___________________________
    1.Pests on occasion from other house plants Fri, 3/13/09 1:09 PM 2.tinted windows Mon, 3/9/09 1:33 PM complications except for seedlings Wed, 3/4/09 9:13 PM 4.avoiding large temperature swings-I accept this Tue, 3/3/09 3:26 PM 5.Sometimes mold from too much moisture. Tue, 3/3/09 2:15 PM 6.temperature fluctuations Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 AM 7.sometimes room temp too cool for good germination of pepper and eggplant Sun, 3/1/09 9:16 PM

    10. How have you grown edible/medicinal plants indoors?
    a. From seeds 91.7%
    b. From my outdoor plants 41.7%
    c. From plants I bought from a retailer 52.8%
    d. Other:________________________
    1.cuttings or divisions from other gardeners Thu, 3/5/09 11:39 AM 2.from cuttings bought and traded online. Mon, 3/2/09 4:13 PM 3.roots (i.e. Ginger) started from items purchases at an organic food store. Mon, 3/2/09 2:54 PM 4.from plants I collected in nature. Mon, 3/2/09 11:55 AM 5.from gift cuttings Mon, 3/2/09 8:39 AM 6.cuttings from neighbors Mon, 3/2/09 4:47 AM

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