Grevillea victoriae losing leaves

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    Hi People...hope you can help me. Last summer I moved from Vancouver to Victoria. I had no garden at all at my new house and now I have a small new garden. One of the plants, planted last Fall, is a Grevillea victoriae. Until quite recently, it looked great. However it has begun to lose leaves big-time. They do not show any evidence of insect damage or infestation. They are yellowing a bit and then falling off. I have attached a photo of the whole plant and a close up of one of the leaves. There is no evidence of any standing water around the plant...the ground seems to drain well. Can anyone offer any advice?


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    Nevertheless, soil looks humic and mucky. Probably too salty and damp for this shrub, which grows in scrub in Australia. Being a protea relation, it is probably sensitive to phosphorus. And it is probably at least as prone to root rot as rhododendrons and azaleas. I had one in a row go down like yours is, after being in place long enough to grow above my head. A gutter was leaking and dripping into the part of the bed where it was. The rest of them, away from the dripping zone did not show the same deterioration and death.

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