Rhododendrons: grafting azalea on rhodo stock?

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    I have a rhodo which had to be moved due to some construction.

    I saved the plant, cut it back, and planted into a bonsai training pot (I am a bonsai nut).

    The rhodo is doing great since it's move in the early spring - lots of new growth. However the leaves and flowers are far to big for bonsai (flower size doesn't diminish through the bonsai process). I'd like to keep the root / trunk base, graft some azalea to it.

    * Will rhodo accept azalea scions?

    * If so, is it safe to do it this time of year (I'm in Victoria - and it's currently mid summer).

    * If I can do the grafting, is it best to cut the tree back to a stump (i.e. no leaves) add the scions, or should I add the scions to the lower base portion of the tree, while leaving donor branches / leaves in tact as-is for strength, until the azalea has taken hold, then cut off the rhodo branches?


    PS Not sure what kind of rhodo it is . . .


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