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    1. Does anybody know what is the actual frost tolerance of yacón plant? By description this plant is not hardy. But what kind of frost will actually damage it?

    We have had abnormally cold July (4...5 degrees colder, than average) this year. Tonight and the night before it the air temperature dropped to +4 and on the ground there was shortly even a light frost, because of clear night sky, near full moon and the cyclone, that brought cold air from the Arctic.

    Both nights I covered my yacóns, that are planted into 90 L plastic bags in my garden and have grown ca 40 cm high for now, with a floating row cover. Yesterday morning I checked those plants for damages, some leaves look like slightly wilted, but in the afternoon they were ok again. Should I be careful because of such light frost (temperature drops to zero or maybe even to -1ºC for maximum an hour) or those plants should withstand short light frost even without a floating cover?

    Usually July is the only month, that has no frosts here and gardeners can sleep in peace. But it seems, that as global climate is warming, our July is not quaranteed to remain frost free any more.

    2. I have heard, that yacón is virtually a pest free vegetable. But I am finding more and more pests that are interested in my yacóns. Most agressive are snails and small green caterpillars, who are chewing holes into the leaves. It seems, that I found a way to prevent snails from attacking my yacóns, but those green larvae appear to continue their attack. Are those Silver Y moth (Autographa gamma) caterpillars (see the attached photo)?

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