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    I live in zone 3 to 4a in the chinook belt. I would like to try the alternifolia dogwood Golden Shadows. Has anyone in my area or similar grown one of these bushes? Some listings say direct sun scalds the leaves. Does anyone have a pic of the entire bush? Thanks for any help.
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    For best growth, Cornus alternifolia requires cool, moist conditions and slightly acid soil. It is generally not considered to be a plant for hot, dry summers; however, it has been used quite successfully in much of the upper Midwest. Moisture is the key there. Let it dry out once, and it suffers for the rest of the summer. Generally, the species is most at home in areas where soil stays evenly moist, summer soil temperatures stay relatively low, and overhead structure provides a bit of a respite from the hot afternoon summer sun ...

    Cornus alternifolia 'Wstackman' (Golden ShadowsTM) will be a real winner if it lives up to its billing. Large, deep green leaves are set off with a wide chartreuse margin. The plant is supposedly more vigorous than other variegated forms. It was discovered as a branch sport on an unnamed C. alternifolia by Walter Stackman of West Chicago, Illinois. Plant patent number PP11,287

    --Cappiello, Shadow, Dogwoods (2005, Timber Press, Portland)

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