Global Warming in the Pacific Northwest

Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Eric La Fountaine, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Another one to file under Apocalypse Now. Althoughhhhh...shrinking glaciers, bark beetle outbreaks, other local examples given may perhaps be part of the normal noises. There are certainly other indicators of a global problem cropping up, however.
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    OT: A lighthearted moment.

    For all of the federal funding that has been wantonly
    passed along on to various Universities for further
    research into the global warming phenomenon, we
    have not gotten our money's worth in attaining any
    conclusive results yet.

    While one coasts waters are rising, there is no mention
    that its counterpart coast has receding water. 10 or so
    years ago the exact opposite scenario was true that the
    "other" coast had rising waters and we out here had
    receding waters until the more recent El Niño's and La
    Niña's. Of course no one seems to remember what those.
    what to expect predictions were as far back as 5 years
    ago with either case scenario as it is so much easier to
    blame everything on the effect of greenhouse gasses
    for our receding glaciers and our resulting so-called
    unpredictable weather.

    No one wants to mention the impact of what 5-10 degree
    warmer waters can have for marine life but we already
    know the waters are warmer because the glaciers are
    receding. Not quite. The warmer waters is more due
    the fact that our Earth's core is warmer than normal
    but again that is attributed to global warming. Even
    some scientists have openly stated that the increased
    amount of solar radiation is due to global warming and
    now space is threatened due to my lawnmower and the
    car I drive (do an online search to find the article).

    Even some studies have suggested that we had periods
    of global warming before there were any automobiles
    and airplanes used for transportation. I guess that
    means our coal and then wood burning, pre-steam
    engine, railroads and coal burning factories were our
    main contributors to greenhouse gasses back in the
    mid to late 1800's.

    Now we get to hear about the effects of methane
    arising from our cattle here used for the dairy
    industry in that pollution controls must be set in
    place to discourage having cows that produce milk
    that we seem to want to buy and drink and use for
    a variety of by-products. The poor range land
    cattlemen in Texas of yesteryear never had it so
    good as due to their way of life's current emissions
    into the atmosphere that they would perhaps either
    be taxed per animal for projected methane producing
    secretions or the animals would have environmental
    controls placed on them whereby the animals cannot
    run free in the wild any more because we cannot trap
    the gasses liberated from their droppings. I guess we
    may not have "Free Range Wooly Birds" to eat for
    Thanksgiving now as the cost per bird will skyrocket
    due to emission controls from a higher percentage
    carbon, hydrogen, oxygen producer per gram weight
    than the cattle are.

    NEWSFLASH from the BBCNN:

    "The East Coast may have just figured out a way
    to use methane for their winter heating so now
    elected officials will be petitioning the federal
    government to have all taxpayer subsidized
    produced methane out in the "Left Coast" and
    in Texas and Oklahoma to be trapped and
    collected to "return" back East to be used by
    our environmentally conscious Easterners
    when their homes get cold due to the lack of
    supply of petroleum distillate heating oils!"

    Who cares about global emissions when people are
    freezing in their own homes? After all the Cowboys
    are all riding off into the sunset and we out here are
    all basking in the sun while at the beach keeping the
    tanning lotion and sunscreen companies in business.
    Of course how they produce their product does not
    add to the amount of greenhouse gasses produced in
    the US do they? Silly me, I forgot, we just had a large
    shipment of these generic products arrive into the
    More4Umart's subsidiaries from China so we just cut
    down on the amount of emissions produced by our
    US companies. Take that Kyoto! "What do you mean
    that shipment just put 15,000 Americans out of work,
    they are Union aren't they?"

    Guys sitting in their kiosks all day might be better served
    to get out in the real world and take the blinders off and
    look around some. It was not that long ago that even
    Scientific American showed pictures of expansive, denuded
    forest areas near Spokane as a result of unrestricted logging
    along with the clear cutting and burning. Of course neither
    process can be attributed to causing any possible problem in
    Washington could it? Watershed and erosion control, what
    is that? How many of those acres were reforested is the
    question I just received from a 12 year old Naturalist that
    just hacked into one of my banks databases and is now
    sending out a series of spoof E-Mails. "Great kid, he is
    just showing some real creativity and is going places" is
    what his father a respected 5-term state assemblyman just
    pronounced to the readers of the BBCNN Times [or was
    it the BBCNN Dispatch? Doesn't matter!].

    "Hey Tom, remember when we had to spend most of our
    day with our heads in a Dictionary while writing our
    articles for the paper, boy these spell-checkers are a
    life saver, how about I give you a ride home as soon
    as you finish up? We have half the day left now to
    go fishing or whatever. Sure, no problem. You know
    Bob remember when this area was all an Apple Orchard?
    I sure do I met Andrea at that little Apple stand when
    Apples were only a nickel 30 years ago. The "Cali"
    fornians never could grow Apples like us. Well, their
    Fujis are awfully good. I hear that most all of those are
    sold to Japan. See there, that Orchard is all developed
    into housing now with blacktop streets and concrete curbs
    and gutters. Notice all the street lights and we all have
    water meters. It costs me almost $1 in water just to take
    a shower now. Yes, Bob that is progress as your home
    is worth a lot more now than when you first bought it.
    Make a left here, mine is the second house on the right
    with the green artificial lawn out front. Remember those
    Spruce we saw at the casino in Carson City about 15 years
    ago while we were playing 7 card stud? I had to have those
    artificial Spruce. I can't get over that professor from Michigan
    going on and on about how he could not believe he had not
    seen these Blue Spruce before, wondered what variety they
    were and how great they looked. Remember the look that
    other guy, what was his name Shep?, gave to the professor
    after he kept ranting about those trees and then said back to
    him "I think you may want to look at them again, a little more
    up close and personal this time!" That look and the comment
    was priceless, remember that? Yeah, wasn't that guy there to
    give some kind of lecture on the bark beetle? I wonder what
    he would think of our problem here?"

    I am so confused as to who to believe any more. Maybe
    I'll go to Antarctica and work on the gaping hole in the
    ozone layer and study why there? No problem, don't
    we have ice breakers going there almost year round
    now? Aren't there many people living there now
    full time with supplies being flown in almost weekly,
    monthly when it gets cold? I have greenhouse growing
    skills so I can help feed myself but I may need to bring
    some extra alpha-halide lights with me when the weather
    is overcast or if I have to grow my lettuce and whatever
    else underground. Isn't the Corps of Engineers supposed
    to put in a More4Umart there with a D'Mics and a Sunmoney
    inside just a quick walk away from the housing project?
    I guess there will be people here more and more with
    the global warming crisis such as it is. Look at the large
    ice floe that is breaking up and the other super long one
    that has separated from the glacier? Those darn
    greenhouse gasses originating from the US have made
    it down here and causing havoc I imagine, at least that
    is what that guy over there from England says. I certainly
    do not want to be made to feel guilty about contributing
    to the global warming dilemma. That is why I am going
    to Antarctica soon, going to be an indoor veggie grower
    tycoon. What possible harm can we do there?

    Jolly old
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    Nah. Too much lead up there already.
  5. mr.shep

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    Hi Ron:

    Sorry about using Washington as a reference but I
    get dismayed that people with forked tongues have
    not paid attention to what the prognostications were
    with the various El Niños and the La Niña's. Actually
    our weather pattern has been the virtually the same
    for the last 5 years. What makes the difference is
    where the jet stream is. I'd still like to know how the
    jet stream could shoot straight across Canada and then
    in Alberta do a right angle turn and then shoot straight
    down into Arizona.

    I took a beating here for a short while because of those
    pics shown near Spokane in the Scientific American
    special issue back, I believe, in 1991 of man's impact
    on the biosphere. I let my minister of our church
    whom was a proclaimed environmental activist have
    that issue and the special issue before it so he could
    go back to General Assembly and for once know what
    he was taking about. I told him as much also when I
    handed them to him. I will say some good did come
    about later on in that one state banned the clear cutting
    and burning and developed a comprehensive reforestation
    plan, even for privately owned lands.

    Tell Germany there is a global warming going on right
    now with their current temperatures. People at times
    have absolute gall to proclaim themselves scientists the
    way they have been acting. There are just a few basics
    in life that they have either overlooked, never knew or
    are completely running roughshod because their "buds"
    are in the game to jump on the global warming bandwagon
    solely for the money. The poor guy that knows what is
    going on is just setting him or herself up to be stomped
    on by everybody. That is not progress by any means and
    neither is to blacktop what once was prime Agricultural
    land and for what? For homes packed in like sardines in
    which the lots are so small they cannot even plant one
    shade tree in!

    I'll go back into hiding out as being a "dumb farmer".
    I tend to prefer being in that position when dealing
    with the scientific types anyway.

    Best regards,

  6. Ron B

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    Well, that's the thing: individual episodes of local weather, related phenomena may or may not signal a global, long term problem. The analyses to listen to are ones where it is plausibly explained why the indicators they are using are significant.
  7. WadeT

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    I do believe the PACNW is heating up. I don't think it's from global warming however.
    I think it has to do with the Earth still comming out of the last ice age. Even though it has been ~18,000 years ago. There is alot of evidence that the Earth is heating up. *flame suit on* :)

    From my own oberservations I will say the winters are not the same as they were when I was a kid in the 70s-80s. Snows/frosts were more common back then, winters longer. I remember my grandmother, before she died, talking about Green Lake and how it would freeze over about year back in the 20s-30s. It has not frozen since I've been alive to my knowledge. Winters now seem much more mild yet summers seem about the same. Again these are just my observations. :)

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