Gleditsia japonica

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    I so much like this Gleditsia japonica var. japonica at the end of the parking lot that it's getting its own thread. There's a Botany Photo of the Day on it at Gleditsia japonica var. japonica | Botany Photo of the Day (, with photos of fruits looking just like what I saw last week. I'll repeat here photos I posted in 2018, with very attractive white pods.
    Gleditsia-japonica-var-japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20180823_160830.jpg Gleditsia-japonica-var-japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20180823_160943.jpg

    When I saw it a month ago, on October 1, this year's fruits were yellow with no more than a curious hint of purple, and what I think are last year's fruits were entirely purple. Of course I didn't remember the BPotD, in which @Daniel Mosquin described the wasps hanging around the tree while he was trying to photograph it. I'm pretty sure there were none flying around this year when I was checking it out.
    Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221001_161716.jpg Gleditsia-japonica_UBCBG-parking_Cutler_20221001_162256.jpg Gleditsia-japonica_UBCBG-parking_Cutler_20221001_161728.jpg Gleditsia-japonica_UBCBG-parking_Cutler_20221001_161731.jpg Gleditsia-japonica_UBCBG-parking_Cutler_20221001_161742.jpg Gleditsia-japonica_UBCBG-parking_Cutler_20221001_161752.jpg

    Here are photos from October 26.
    Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135815.jpg Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135832.jpg Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135837.jpg Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135847.jpg Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135847.jpg
    Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135912.jpg Gleditsia japonica var. japonica_UBCBG_Cutler_20221026_135920.jpg

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