Germinating raspberry seeds

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by dino, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Next spring I'd like to grow in my garden the seeds of giant (supermarket) raspberries (King, aka Madonna, or close).
    I've started the process putting the seeds in a solution of water, sugar and bread yeast (as I do for tomatoes). After drying, they'll likely spend the winter in my freezer.
    I'm guessing that b/4 spring planting I'll want to scarify the seed cases (maybe stir them in a pot of sharp sand?).
    Yes, I'm only guessing. Looks as though a better way may be to run the raspberries through a caged chicken (which I don't have) and collect and plant the droppings. Nitrate, I've read, stimulates germination.
    Tips / comment will be very welcome.

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    What I do to germinate all my seeds is put some special seed germination soil in a mini greenhouse, make the seed rows, plant the seeds and cover it.
    In doing it this way I have a 98 percent success rate, but in seeing that raspberries are cold lovers, I would just sow them in a normal pot filled with seed germination soil and then mist them every day.
    Make sure you keep the pot in the sun.
    Hope it helps!

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