Germinating indoor baobab - is this dying?

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    Hi I'm a newbie at growing baobabs.
    I have successfully germinated my baobab seedling 3 weeks ago, but right after I planted it into a pot (with 1/3 potting soil, 2/3 cactus soil and abundant perlite) the cotyledons leaves started turning brown.
    I thought it was going to die until recently I saw the real leaves popping up looking well and green. The stem also looks quite healthy but the cotyledons are not opening up.
    I live in Montreal and keep the plant near a sunny window and turn on my growing light when sun is not sufficient in gloomy weather and at night to prolong the exposure to light. I also make sure to water it only when the soil has completely dried off.
    I am not sure what I have been doing wrong, but if anyone can gve me some pointers as to why my cotyledons leaves look so unhealthy, that would be great! Thank you!

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    I have never tried a baobab, but I do find that the cotyledons of many plants often don't open properly. The emerging leaves on your seedling certainly look promising. I would think germinating a more unusual plant like baobab, might be tricky. I have been trying to grow embothrium and I have planted many seeds, but have yet to get one to thrive. I don't know about baobab, but seedlings often require a lot more water or less light than the mature plant. Cactus seedlings for example, start in the shade of other plants and need a fair amount of moisture to get going.

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