geranium mimicking a philodendron

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    Hi, i'm new to the board and i was hoping someone might be able to explain a strange thing that has happened with one of my geraniums.

    Two years ago, after the summer was over, I took a common geranium that I had grown in a pot outdoors and brought it indoors to share a well lit area with my philodendrons. It continued growing throughout the winter. In fact it has stayed alive for 2 years. I noticed recently, however, that the leaves of the geranium had changed significantly. They resembled in both shape and texture the leaves of the philodendron that had been its companion! Not only that, but the geranium stopped flowering about a year ago - its last blooms were spindly and sparse. I didn't know that such a thing could happen...can anyone explain? i have attached a picture of the mutated plant if that would help.

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    What's even more interesting is that your geranium has now further transmogrified into a begonia. I think you'll find that you have a begonia of the Dragon Wing type (either Begonia 'Bepared' or B. 'Bepapink'), not a geranium at all. As for the philodendron, I couldn't say.

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