Rhododendrons: gayle

Discussion in 'Ericaceae (rhododendrons, arbutus, etc.)' started by Unregistered, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. I live in Connecticut. I have a rhody my late husband bought me this past late spring. Never got it out of the pot.

    Can I plant it outside now although it will be freezing at night and there will be no established roots. It will be in the twenties for the next month then dropping down to the teens in another month and a half at night, and 25 to 45 degrees during the days for the next month and the twenties and thirties in another month and a half. Or, should I bring it in and leave it in the pot.

    What Kind of soil do I plant it with if I can plant it outside.

    Please help, I do not want to lose this plant.

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