Garry Oak Observations

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    Nanoose Bay, BC Canada
    After observing Garry Oaks for 13 years now on my Nanoose Bay property, I see a few things happening differently this year which may interest those who like to keep an eye on these magnificent trees.
    • This is the first year they have not been afflicted with Jumping Gall Wasp. Some suggest that the trees have responded by producing more tannin in their leaves which somehow is protecting them.
    • Many acorns are falling while still yellow. Acorns from one tree that always produces huge acorns are already split so you can see the 'meat' inside. (See photo.)
    • Though there are lots of acorns on the ground where squirrels and deer can eat them, they are not being snapped up . . .
    • and, sadly, we never see Douglas squirrels in this area anymore. Even the eastern squirrels that moved in about 3 years ago are infrequent visitors.

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