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    Hello; We have been gardening an organic patch of earth here in E Vancouver for almost twenty years. prior to us it was gardened since 1922 by old italian organic gardeners. We have grown garlic for all of that period and the crop has always been the envy of the neighbourhood. This year , despite supurb conditions and the same organic treatment we have lost most of the crop to a fungus or mold that has attacked the harvested crop and rendered most of it unusable. What can we do to re establish our garlic growing supremacy? What has attacked our garlic? Any thoughts or remedies would be very much appreciated......
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    There are several fungi that are a problem for the Allium family. It would be helpful if you would describe what the fungus looked like and where on the tuber and when it occurred, in order to help identify the problem. If the plants grew normally through the season and the top of the tuber was effected, then it was probably a botrytis caused neck rot.
    To avoid this you must windrow the soil up around the necks of the garlic plant in order for the stems to dry out prior to topping and harvesting.

    Use disease free seed and practice crop rotation.

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