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  1. Hi, I am probably doing this all wrong but I have a kiwi vine, which has beem growing for the last 4- 5 years and is showing no signs of fruiting. I am in SE England and my sister now (belatedly!) tells me that I need a plant of the opposite sex to ensure germination. Is this true? And if so, how do I go about it, or do I now chop the damn thing down to make way for the grape vine which I think has a better chance of fruiting. I have become quite fond of my kiwi in the interim!!! Answers please to
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    Hello Chrisk,

    Kiwi generally have male and female flowers on separate plants, but some are self fertile. It can take a few years for vines to bear fruit. First you need to determine what type you have. You may just need to add a pollinator. Did your plant have flowers the past year?

    Chrisk - people do not generally make personal replies by email, you can reply to your own thread if more info is needed. (I have sent Chrisk the link back to his/her post.)
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