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    this was my first year ever with a garden (did veggies and some flowers) I did a small plot in the side yard. I really did enjoy it alot. well next spring/summer I want to go all out and do something really nice in the front yard
    I really want to do some rock walkways, I want flowers and veggies. but will the front yard look a mess once winter comes. we live in Mass/zone 6.
    should I turn the soil now before the ground freezes?
    should I draft out what I want for the yard? does anyone know of a web site that helps with this. there are 2 lilac trees at the end of the space that I do not want to get rid of (or move) I planted them when we bought the house in May. this pic is a pic of the space in May also when we moved in. right now I just have some sunflowers and marigolds around the edge.

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    Your photo is a bit overwhelming, in that it begs the question "where does one begin?"
    The good news here is that you are starting with a relatively blank slate - a flat lot, without a lot of existing issues to deal with.
    I think that regardless of whether you plan to tackle this yourself, or enlist the aid of a designer, a logical starting point would be to list or draft out, in as much detail as possible, all of your own wants/hopes/desires for what this garden might ultimately look like. This would include a listing of all the possible functional areas to be designed in, such as chid's play area, BBQ area, herb garden, etc.
    Next, I would think about the style of garden that most appeals to you. Magazines and books can be a great deal of help in defining this in your own mind.
    A scaled drawing, including all permanent structures and plants might be the next step, to help visualize and refine a possible plan. For me, putting pen (or, rather pencil) to paper is a great help in the formulation of any plan. I'm sure this is no solution for you, but it may be a starting point. You may want to check out some of the design references that I've seen listed on this forum in another thread(s).
    Good luck!
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    Hi KMB,

    Did you ever come up with a design for your front yard? Do you still need sites to look at?


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