Appreciation: Fremontodendron californicum

Discussion in 'How's It Growing?' started by wcutler, Jul 13, 2020.

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    I thought Fremontodendron californicum would have finished blooming a long time ago, but there are still flowers on this tree in a nearby West End lane. But I was right too, as there are nice fuzzy fruits as well. Actually, I read that these are supposed to be irritating fuzzy fruits, but they felt nice, and I'm trying to keep my hands off my face, must have succeeded for once.
    Fremontodendron-californicum_HenshawLaCardero_Cutler_20200713_134958.jpg Fremontodendron-californicum_HenshawLaCardero_Cutler_20200713_135019.jpg Fremontodendron-californicum_HenshawLaCardero_Cutler_20200713_135026.jpg Fremontodendron-californicum_HenshawLaCardero_Cutler_20200713_135205.jpg Fremontodendron-californicum_HenshawLaCardero_Cutler_20200713_135256.jpg

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