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    We at the ISE forum (International Seed Exchange) have there a fine offer for the members of this plant forum: Free Seeds and Free Shipping!

    But here's the catch: you can't pick up your free seeds at any time, simply because others might be faster than you, and our stock of free seeds is of course quite limited!

    We currently offer you five (5) seeds of the Datura metel, a plant with large, fragrant and beautiful blossoms! Even the shipping is free of cost! You find this offer inside our "SEEDS - Free of Cost" section.

    Do conditions apply?
    Oh yes, they do, they do...
    You have to be one of the first three persons answering to that posting with a private message. Also, you need to have started at least three threads in our "SEEDS", "POLLEN" or "PLANT PIECES" sections. When you reply to the thread of the free Datura metel seeds, please state that you're coming from this forum.

    What is ISE?
    ISE is the natural extension of any plant forum. ISE allows you to trade seeds - not necessarily for money, but also in return for other seeds. You can offer seeds, and you can ask for seeds - here at ISE this all is possible. That's ISE's only purpose.

    And ... how to find my ISE?
    That's a simply question. Here it is: ISE was put into life by a guy who has a big interest in plants and recognized, it is not always easy to get the seeds wanted. So he created ISE to make it easy for all plant lovers to exchange their seeds. ISE does not compete with any plant forum, it serves just as their logical extension. Please feel free to check out ISE, and if you like it, simply invite your friends!

    See you!

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