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    Hey guys I need your help!
    I visited France and brought new plants with me but have no idea how to care for them (I don't even know how they're called :/). Beacuse I wasn't able to find any photos of these or post a picture for you, I'll try to describe them:
    They have long roots and the part that is not under the ground can reach up to 30cm. On their stems grow many fleshy little leaves. The younger plants only consist of a small stem and their leaves. The flowers of the plant (which are only grown by older ones) are green, when it is dry and yellow when it rains. They grow in a very extraordinary way: the older the flowering is, the further it bends outwards. Imagine it that way: take an octopus and turn it upside down. The tentacles then fall outward, towards the ground. The plant looks similar to 'Dracocephalum heterophyllum'.
    I hope I could describe this plant vividly enough _:D
    thanking you in anticipation.

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