Identification: foul odor from blossoms of vine

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Caedmon, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. I am trying to figure out what plant this is so I can correctly name it when giving up for adoption (the smell is so foul!).
    It is a rather thik vine-ish plant. The former owner wrapped it around a circle to create a sort of living wreath. The leaves are opposite and thick. The flower consists of many smaller little flowers that are pinkish and whiteish. The petals of the blossom are rather thick and plastic like, as well as the leaves of the vine itself.
    I really need some help here.
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    hmmm might b a type of Hoya .. search google and see if u can Id it there .. but usually the flowers smell nice not foul ..

  3. Ron B

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    Also sounds to me like you have a wax flower, don't like its sweet fragrance.

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