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Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by JohnLloyd, Dec 31, 2010.

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    I have three flowering cherries, either Kanzan or Pink Perfection, that are about 35 years old (I planted them myself) planted in a southwest exposure, in a row, about 20 feet apart. In recent years the bloom has been less than spectacular, the branches tend to produce buds only on the tips and not along the branch itself and some branch spurs appear to rot or wither. Is this normal for trees of this age? Are they too crowded? Is there anything I can do to improve their health?

    I hope someone can help



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    It appears from your photograph that the cherries are well spaced for the site; i.e., not too crowded. Ornamental cherries do best in full sun, in deep, rich soil with some provision for summer moisture. I don't need to tell you that summer drought is an issue in the Victoria area. If the soil is saturated in the winter or compacted, or particularly if the soil is contaminated by road salt, this will contribute to poor root growth and declining health. On the other hand, 'Pink Perfection' seems to struggle even in the best soil, and decline at a young age.
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    I too thought there might be problems at the root. Apart from these trees being cherries and how they look in the pictures, top decline is often due to struggling roots - regardless of the kind of plant. "As the roots go, so goes the top".

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