Fermenter 31C for making Tempeh

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    Fermenter 31C for making Tempeh
    Posted on March 17, 2021 by Durgan
    A fermenter was made from parts supplied commercially. The heater is a warmer off the internet Lee Valley about 25 dollars delivered. The container 6 US gallons is from a store that makes wine for about 5 dollars. The rack is from a paper supply store Staples for about 4 dollars. The temperature is from 30C to 35C centered on 31C. It can be modified slightly by opening and closing the lid. Tempeh is made in 500 ml batches three types soy, chickpea and red lentil.

    Tabletop Warmer - Lee Valley Tools Warmer

    17 March 2021 Fermenter 17 March 2021 Fermenter

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