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Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by robv187, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, just wondering what time of the year a kanzan cherry tree will have color change in the leaves, and generally what color the leaves are. My tree has 1 leaf (which fell off) and the whole leaf is a yellow / gold color, with a bit of brown on the one side, and i noticed another leaf at the very top, a tiny bit of it is the same color. Being september 13th, is it too early or about the right time. Am hoping it's not a sign of not watering it properly?
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    Here on the coast it will be some weeks yet, trees of any kind turning this month are considered early to color. October would be the peak month. 'Kanzan' here tend to have some red and orange, as do other Japanese flowering cherries.

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