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Discussion in 'Maples' started by campbtl, Jul 18, 2015.

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    south Louisiana
    Hi folks, it's very hot down here in Louisiana. I just noticed yesterday that my Ornatum is displaying fall color on 2 of the lower branches. I've never seen this before. The leaves are pretty, not damaged or browned by lack of water. Is this the plants way of self-cleaning, getting rid of lower branches? Has anyone seen this before, with fall color?

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    This is happening with my Mimaye, though not whole branches just individual leaves (but it's only a potted 3g, so not terribly big, and this is the first year I've had it). We've also been terribly hot, with clear skies and wind, for a couple of weeks now - 95-110 with the heat index, with hot humid nights going down to 80 at most - and the trend looks to continue. I think I've also noticed the odd leaf on my Lima Gold and a couple others doing this too. All other leaves are fine on the trees, with no browning on the edges.
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    Hey Campbtl,

    That is a very good looking Ornatum you have there. How old is it btw?

    Good to see someone else in south la growing Japanese maples, and yes it is very hot down here. Hotter than we've experienced in some time. I suspect you're right in that your Ornatum is just sacrificing lower branches that would eventually be shaded over anyway. I experienced the same thing on a Baldsmith a couple of weeks ago. Also seeing a lot of inner leaves changing to fall colors on some of my plants, mainly ones that were root pruned and repotted this past winter.

    Are you growing any other Japanese maples? I've got a "sizable" collection growing in containers (too many according to the wife). Also understand that LSU Ag Center has began growing Japanese maples for a study of hardiness in this area. May be able to reach out to them and compare some notes.

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