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Discussion in 'Vines and Climbers' started by madhatter, May 2, 2008.

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    Abbotsford BC Canada
    Hi do evergreen hydrangea grow and stay evergreen in Abbotsford, BC?
    I would like to plant an evergreen vine for privacy along the top of my fence so that pedestrians can't look into my backyard. I'd like something that doesn't take years to grow. I don't know if an evergreen clematis or hydrangea is suitable here in the Lower Mainland or if it would drop its leaves? Which looks the best and grows fastest?
    I also have a question about Persian Ivy: does anyone know if it is a fast climber?
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    WA USA (Z8)
    Like climbing hydrangea the evergreen species may be slow to establish and cling. Unlike it they are not very hardy. The ivy probably grows as fast or faster than English ivy where suited and well established, it certainly makes large plants with long shoots. Check winter climate suitability. I'm thinking Abbortsford will have significant effects from cold air coming down the River that will limit the ability to grow certain plants that might persist for a time in milder neighborhoods on salt water.
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    Coquitlam, BC
    The evergreen clematis, Clematis amandii, is truely evergreen. Once it gets going, it is very vigorous. One of ours threatened to swamp a 30 foot tall cedar. It does well in our garden in Coquitlam, and retained it's leaves after cold snaps down to -15C. However, it does not do well in full sun. Ours have done best with morning sun only.

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